Friday, February 03, 2006

What does Exponentialist mean?

This article explains who or what an Exponentialist is:



Exponentialist - An exponent of the exponent, with particular reference to the natural processes of replication.

Here is a link to my Exponentialist homepage

Just like the website, this blog is dedicated to exploring all aspects of the exponential growth and exponential shrinkage of replicator populations. This could include any life form based on cells, and biological viruses. It can include genes and memes, Von Neuman machines, artificial life, computer viruses, and molecular nanotechnology assemblers. It can also include loans (eg. mortgages) and investments (eg. stock market shares, bank accounts). Thus, Exponentialist theory applies equally to the worlds of population ecology, population dynamics, demography, evolutionary theory, and finance. The approach taken is to make extensive use of population doubling, just as Malthus did, and to combine that with population halving via my own New Malthusian Scale

A more sophisticated approach is taken via my Scales of 70, and Scales of e.

The result is a revised Malthusian Growth Model that I call the Couttsian Growth Model. Essentially, all I'm saying is that all populations of all species always grow via variable rate of compound interest (including positive and negative rates).

It's an incredibly simple idea, and yet it challenges long-held beliefs regarding the nature of exponential growth itself. It restores to its rightful place Thomas Robert Malthus' Principle of Population, both as the foundation of population ecology and population dynamics and the entire field of demography. Through what I call Malthusian Selection, Exponentialist theory also challenges the level of selection and the pace of selection in evolutionary theory, but does so in the context of population (not species).


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